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Designer Spotlight

About the Designer

Rob Bowen launched a career in interior design at the precocious age of six, astonishing his parents by continually redecorating his bedroom and going on to propose design ideas for the entire family home throughout his school years. Recipient of the Florida Home Builders Association’s prestigious Grand Aurora Award as well as multiple Aurora Awards. Rob’s work has been featured in the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay Magazine, Bay Pop Magazine, Tampa Bay Illustrated, ABC TV’s Day Time Show, LUXE Magazine and Tampa Bay Metro Magazine. Rob is a dedicated world traveler and studier of international design, culture and trends, Rob’s eclectic palette reveals influences from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, and from edgy modernism to timeless classicism to forward-thinking sustainability.

What is your Design/Builder Philosophy?

Rob Bowen and his team create spaces that evoke a rare sense of intimacy and inspiration. Rob’s unique talents, keen insights and collaborative spirit transform personal and professional settings into one-of-a-kind ­expression of each client’s vision and style, each as distinctive as the individuals they’re designed for.
An intensely process-oriented designer, Rob takes due diligence to a new dimension by taking the time to truly listen and understand each client’s vision, lifestyle and feelings about what will make their house or office feel like home. Described by those who’ve worked with him as exceptionally gifted, intuitive, artistic, sophisticated, collaborative, positive and generous, each client becomes a friend and every project an indelible expression of a new friend’s personal point of view.

What are your Specialties?

Rob Bowen Design Group is a multifaceted design firm; specializing in high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality.

What are your Professional Affiliations?

Board of Directors of the Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

What is your Fee Method?

Flat fee with a markup percentage on items and services purchased.

How do you work to incorporate interior architecture and furnishings, and how do they influence each other?

This choreographed dance between Interior architecture and furnishings is what makes a successful project. Each discipline must retain its own value, yet complement each other cohesively.

What serves as your inspiration?

Ultimately the inspiration is driven by the personality of each client.

Are you working on any projects that are particularly exciting right now?

We are currently working on the personal residence of one Forbes’ ranked 100 most powerful women in the world.

What are some other color trends you are seeing?

While neutrals will always remain timeless, strong pops of colors continue to make their way into spaces. In addition, wall coverings are making a resurgence in many aspects of design as well.

What are some of the things that inspire your design work?

My inspiration comes from a variety of personal experiences, travel, nature, music, architecture, and textiles.

So, have there been any disasters?

Never a disaster always challenges. In the end, each challenge creates an unexpected and unique result.