Kevin Steffanni

Kevin SteffanniKevin Steffanni Design Group (KSDG)
20160 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116

About the Designer

Kevin Steffanni grew up outside of Oberlin, Ohio on a small farm. He spent many weekends with his family, where they would ride horses, garden and cook scrumptious meals. Indeed, home is where Kevin’s taste for adventure was born, and something he expresses through his travels and eclectic design. After graduating from college with a degree in business, he started his career in a family owned furniture store in Oberlin to work in the back office using his accounting skills he acquired in college. He soon realized that his passion was design and soon moved to Cleveland to pursue a career with a design firm in Rocky River. He was encouraged by his clients, the owners of Haberglen Manor, to start his own firm as he began a 2 year renovation project on their 100 year old home. Over the last 30 years in design, Kevin has built KSDG into a design practice that is client driven and understands that it can be of service to anyone who wants to improve their quality of their home and lives. He is fortunate to have an outstanding staff based in the Rocky River office which allows him to travel for projects around the country as well as London, England. A number of clients encouraged him to expand his practice so he opened his Naples’s office 8 years ago to service his client’s winter homes. It is Kevin’s accessibility, coupled with his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction that sets him apart from his design peers.

What is your Design/Builder Philosophy?

In a time when our homes have become our refuge, design professionals are an invaluable resource to help you achieve the desired impact for an individual room or for your entire house. Interior design professionals’ talents and expertise can change your life by assisting you in creating a home and/or office environment where you will be most productive, creative and inspired.

Lighting, for example, when properly selected and installed, can transform the entire setting of a room. Likewise, the right color choices and combinations can make or break the spirit of a room. Designers can help you with the big decisions and the big picture to ensure that the end result is a polished reflection of your style, your dreams and your vision.

Whether dealing with the challenges of lifestyles in Florida, Ohio and Europe, or working with a young and growing family, or people embracing a new lifestyle in a new location, KSDG brings enthusiasm, a sense of humor and compassion, plus a vibrant and imaginative to every project.

What are your Specialties?

I am known for my classically based, modern inspired interiors. Whether designing a traditional or contemporary space, my simple approach and well-trained eye results in a refined elegance that is unmistakable. Each project is carefully selected, and I am personally involved in all aspects of the design process.

What is your Fee Method?

Upon Request