Apostol Exhibit

Suite: 296
Phone: (312) 375-8887

About the artist

He was born in a small village in the southern part of Greece, where from a young age he showed his talent by winning awards in the school art contests. Later on he was influenced by his family to study Economics in the United States. He graduated although he spent most of his time in art studios and in the pop scene in New York, since his heart was always in sculpture and painting. When he came back to Greece he opened his first gallery in the Athens Hilton Hotel. Due to his expert eye and inner sensitivity he was very successful. Soon he opened several galleries both in Athens and worldwide (Paris, New Port Beach-California). At a later age he started sculpturing again but maintaining a very low profile, exhibiting his work only in his own galleries in a very modest way, without even mentioning that it was his. It did not take long before other galleries requested his artworks in Europe and United States. Soon he held very successful solo exhibitions in Japan and United States. Lately he left his galleries to managers and is dedicating his time exclusively in sculpturing.


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