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Miromar Design Center is a one–stop shopping destination dedicated to all your design and decorating needs. The showrooms at Miromar Design Center introduces consumers to some of the finest interior design professionals in Southwest Florida. Please complete the following questionnaire to be matched with an interior designer who best fits your style and scope of your home design project.

You will receive a free, one-hour consultation by making an appointment or by stopping at the Concierge Desk.


Why Hire a Designer?

Many people think that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive or they will lose the control. This is not true.

When you work with an interior designer:

• You are more likely to meet your budget
• You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes
• You have an expert working with you; someone who will make certain the end result is exactly what you are hoping for
• You will save time and money
• Interior designers have extensive training

The showrooms at Miromar Design Center can connect you with the right designer for your design needs.

A great designer is one who is able to listen to your needs and work smoothly with you. Each of the designers that work with our showrooms have been vetted and is known to be professional, talented and capable of listening to a client’s needs and working to exceed them.

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The design professional is not an employee, agent or independent contractor of Miromar Design Center. Design professionals are independent contractors who calculate their fees and expenses based upon individual job requirements and client needs. Miromar Design Center is not responsible for setting or enforcing the contractual terms or agreements our customers establish with a private design professional.