Beth Ann Tuyls

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Remodeling with Innovation by Bay Builders

Miromar Design Center
10800 Corkscrew Road Suite 358
Estero, FL
(239) 947-2555
[email protected]

Designer Spotlight

About the Designer

Beth Ann Tuyls is the director of the design department and project management team for Remodeling with Innovation by Bay Builders. Beth Ann and her husband Joshua (president of the company); have successfully transformed Bay Builders into a full-service remodeling firm.

Beth Ann holds a BFA in Interior Architecture and also in Industrial Design. The combination of these two degrees has led her to be quite successful in completely transforming a client’s home, while understanding how to bring the project to fruition as a result of her vast knowledge of unique building materials. Beth Ann worked as a kitchen and bath designer in the six years prior to coming on board full time with Remodeling with Innovation by Bay Builders for the last seven years.

Beth Ann is also the Interior Design Society Naples Chapter President.

Design Philosophy

I feel it is imperative that both designer and builder work together harmoniously. Both elements have to be strong to have an exceptional product.

Areas of Specialty

I am very blessed to have a natural sense of good design, while also understanding the necessary principles on how to build it successfully.

What serves as your inspiration?

I feel inspiration can truly come from anywhere.The best inspiration can be quite simple, and yet end up being the most powerful.

What are some of the things that inspire your design work?

For inspiration, I always looked to “the greats” who have produced some of the most amazing architectural design. I enjoy working in many different genres of design, but I follow a basic rule set long ago in Bauhaus Theory; keep materials true to what they are. Celebrate the qualities of each material, rather than trying to mask them. For example, if you are using wood, let the wood show its beauty in a natural state. I really love using natural materials and mixing them together. Trendy design is fun and works in certain applications, but I love to design things which are timeless.

How did you become interested in design, and what have you learned over the past decade?

I was always drawn to art, all the way back to grade school. Any subject matter with creativity seemed to really interest me. I am excited about the advances in manufacturing of various materials such as fabric and tile. They have come so far with creating amazing color, texture and durability of these items.

How has the nature of interior design changed over the past few years?

I feel that the client is now a much savvier customer with the internet and other sources that are right at their fingertips. I  think it brings awareness to our profession, this can be a good thing. However, there will never be a technology that replaces the eye of an artist. A good designer is a true artist.

Are there some favorite things you have found? Things you reach for again and again because they seem to always work?

Texture. I have always loved working with texture in my designs, and I feel that the final product has much more of a unique look.

Professional Affiliations

Serving as President of the Interior Design Society (IDS) Naples Chapter takes up a large portion of my time. However, I am also on the planning committee for Hope Hospice. I believe it is important to give back to your community.

Fee Method

My fees are included in the remodeling estimate for a project. My husband has owned and operated Bay Builders for more 22 years, so he understands realistic budgeting for projects based on needs. We work together to determine how much design time each project will take on an individual basis as well.

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